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3D Printing from the perspective of an entrepreneur in Japan

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3D Printing in Defense Sector

I have been thinking a lot about 3D printing in the defense sector lately as it seems that there is a confluence between defense administrators, defense suppliers, and new 3D printing hardware. While high performance 3D printed parts may capture the most attention and spending, it is probably logistics that will eventually be most impacted by the coming of 3D printing.

Deloitte’s standard pitch paper quotes Vice Admiral Philip Cullom

When advanced manufacturing and 3D printing become widely available, we envision a global network of advanced fabrication shops supported by sailors with the skill sets and training to identify problems and build and make products,

It also seems clear that the nature of war in changing or as already changed and the implications of which have not been totally explored with respect to 3D printing. For example,


RAMBO is pretty self explanatory but the...

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Moving content from WP to Svbtle

I’m moving to the svbtle platform from wordpress. Mostly due to changing hosts. I also didn’t want to bother with upkeep. I thought about posting on Medium since it seems they always have amazing SEO and niche content from experts is their MO, but it seems they removed custom domains and are moving towards some type of community driven content platform.

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