3D Printed Chess Set

I’ve never been very good at gift giving. Lacking Confucian ostentation and meticulous planning, gifts to my friends and family have always ranged from forgettable to bad. I have fond memories of playing Chess with my dad on a cheap old wooden set. When I saw the Duchamp chess set I was reminded of those times and felt a strange compunction to create something as a memorial to my time playing chess with him, and that old set.


I’m not sure if I will be able to finish it before this Christmas but that has dissuaded me from starting now.


Immediately I knew I wanted something that would be a precious work by itself. Probably using a heavy mixed polymer like those tungsten and stainless steel mixtures but from my experience these have bad layer bonding and are weak to the effects of time. Quality was actually my secondary reason for going with SLA.




The knight seemed like the obvious first piece to print since it is the most challenging. Thinking about it now though, the slender neck and the fatter head might be a issue. The printing was issue free and took roughly 5 hours. However, because this is DLP, I can fit about 2-3 pieces on one plate or if I print at 70 microns, 6-8 pieces. So roughly figure 2 hours per print at 30 microns, times the number total number of pieces, is 64 hours of printing time at 30 microns. Or around 10 hours of total printing time at 70 microns. I’ll decide after I get the first casting back.



It turned out well. I’m unsure how the lowish resolution of the model will turn out once it is casted. Looking at it in resin, it give a feeling of hand beaten copper. The larger base that you see on the bottom of the model is foundation support added during the slicing to help it stick to the plate. This might have been a stupid thing as it will require me to shave it off by hand along the transversal. For the next parts I will defiantly switch to point supports.

As for materials choice, Silver for white is a defiant as the characteristic shine matches white perfectly and platinum is too luxurious. I’m leaning towards brass for black but will have a talk with the caster and discuss some alloys that might be a better fit.

The next question will be if I print all the pieces or print one of each and create silicone molds and use wax injection for the molds then finally wax for the casting. The upside of going mold to wax to cast is less work for me. I don’t think, for this volume, that it will actually be faster because in the time it would take to make one mold I could have already printed half the total set. The upside of printing is that I control the process and it will probably be cheaper… I better fire up the printer.